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9/9/9 - A Tribute to Speaking Wind (Patrick Quirk)

A Tribute to Speaking Wind (Patrick Quirk)


Patrick “Speaking Wind” Quirk, a Native American author, lecturer, and publisher, was raised by Grandfather, Two Bears, and White Eagle of the Pueblo People.  He knew them as Spirit Callers, but in today’s terms we would call them “SHAMAN”.  Grandfather and Two Bears watched over him, and his brothers Cheeway and Nahe, in the mountains of northern New Mexico for almost twenty years of their early life.  Here they were educated in the ways of the Spirit.  Speaking Wind brought Red Path ways to any who were ready to listen.  But among all of the teachings, perhaps the greatest lesson to learn is that each of us must walk his or her own path.  It is this one lesson that tells us to search within ourselves for the answers we seek.  (Taken from the back cover of his books.)

In my first Heartsong Newsletter, In Search of the White Buffalo Calf Woman dated 7/7/7, I introduced you to my Shaman friend, Patrick or Speaking Wind:

Speaking Wind was from the Pueblo Tribe with an Anasazi background.  He spoke of his powerful Anasazi tradition as teaching the ability to “walk into the fifth world with robes still on.”  In my Christian background this process was interpreted to mean the power of “translation.”  Speaking Wind taught me many things including several of the White Buffalo Calf Woman’s ceremonies.  But the most amazing thing which Speaking Wind taught me was “spiritual oneness” or the “walking between two worlds.”  This process is so sacred that it is the unspoken truth of oneness in all mystical religions.  It is what is real!  Before Speaking  Wind or Patrick (as I had come to know him) departed from this earthly plane, he called out to the Spirit World concerning which ceremony he could perform at my home in Montana called “Higher Ground.”  He was surprised, even shocked, by the Spirit World’s response to our joint request.  He was given permission to perform the most sacred ceremony in human history—“The Seven Sacred Steps to Returning to Oneness.”  The last time it was performed was when the Anasazi Indians “walked into the fifth world with their robes still on.”

Unfortunately this ceremony was never performed as the emotional energies between certain male/female relationships were not in balance.  Also many of the Native American tribes had not been contacted regarding this event and had not been prepared.  And last, but not least, I had not received my sacred Indian name and an awareness of my purpose in all of it.  Patrick had informed me that he couldn’t reveal these precious truths to me but that I needed to go on a Vision Quest to find it out for myself.  And so in the summer of 1997 I did just that.  (Details are in my books, Heartsong and Heart Wide Open.)

Since the publication of that first controversial Heartsong Newsletter, I learned that many of my so-called “friends” have labeled me as “crazy” and have avoided me and Heartsong Healing Center like the plague.  But I’ve often heard it said that there’s a fine line between insanity and brilliance.  I intend to align myself with the brilliant (and many of you are) as was my dear friend, Patrick
Recently, I’ve discovered some interesting information concerning Patrick or Speaking Wind.  I learned that he published other books besides When Spirits Touch the Red Path and The Message (which I mention in my book, Heartsong).  I just finished reading his latest and final books (of course, there may be more still in manuscript form), from the Red Path Spirit Adventure Series which comprises three books entitled The Watchers from the Shadow and the Light, The Brotherhood, and Lumen.  These are part of an exciting series of adventures based on real events in the lives of Patrick, his brother Cheeway and Cheeway’s archeologist colleagues who discovered hidden manuscripts, ancient archaeological sacred sites, and a “shadow brotherhood” called The Illuminati which followed their every move and eventually murdered Patrick’s associates who were involved in the attempt to unmask that dark cult.

There are many who believe that this same group caused Patrick’s untimely death which prevented him from completing all of the manuscripts that document this fascinating story.  Patrick’s son, White Raven, eventually published in 2003 what his father had written.  In spite of Patrick’s constant battles with this “unenlightened group,” nevertheless he was able to share with his readers his personal feelings about the Illuminati in one of the final chapters of Lumen:

Because of all we have gone through, we don’t trust many people, Grandfather!” Cheeway said.  “You see, we have been chased by—“
“Yes, I know.  By Father Sanchez and his Brotherhood.  Those you call The Illuminati,” the old man said before Cheeway could finish.  “I am aware of what has happened to each of you, little ones.  And I know each of you think he and his organization are something so evil that it cannot be changed, don’t you?  But you are wrong!”
“I’m not so sure you would feel the same way if you had gone through what we have!” Cheeway said in a non-bending way…
“But Grandfather!” Nahe said as he partially stood.  “They are bad people!  They hold nothing in life sacred!  They use and they use until they are finished with it.  Then, they either kill it or destroy it so no one may ever have use of it again.”
“They have their path, and you have yours!” the old man answered. “Does this sound familiar to you, Nahe?  I know, personally, you have heard this many times from White Eagle, Grandfather, and Two Bears.  You, Cheeway, and Speaking Wind have.  And you have spent many seasons telling that to others as well.  Now, are you going to tell me you do not believe what you speak?”
Nahe did not say anything but silently sat back down showing a little red in his face.
“I tell this to you in truth, all of us, no matter what others might think of us, return home.  And I tell you; it is the same home as yours.  As you know, what you do in life must be understood!  For until it is, you will repeat it over and over again until you do.  But to think you can judge another’s path from your own limited perspective, to call someone bad because they do not believe as you do is not from the path of the spirit.
“No matter what anyone does, it is a part of their path, the same path as you walk.  And I tell you, all paths eventually lead back to Creator, regardless of how they may seem to you at the time.  Creator does not condemn anyone, for we are all his children.  And I not only refer to the two legs, but the sky, trees, rocks, water, animals, and so on.  All of us are related to one another.  So what one does, no matter what it is, affects the rest…
“So are you saying we should run up and embrace Father Sanchez?” I asked with a note of hostility in my voice.
“Not at all, Speaking Wind.  I am saying that he has his path, and you have yours.  Things he does, he must do.  For him, there is no other way that would make sense to him.  And it is the same for you.  Think of it like this; if I were to tell you that activating the sacred sites is wrong, would you believe me?  I do not believe you would; nor would Father Sanchez listen to anyone who told him what he was doing was wrong.
“Each of you see a need to do what you are doing because from it will come the understanding that will complete you, allow you to become one with yourself.  And once you understand who you are, you can know your truth.  So what I am saying is this.  The paths each of you travels are tied together.  If they weren’t, none of you would have made contact with each other.  But what you aren’t seeing is that each path has different needs.  And not all of them are gentle.
“Some needs must run the course of harshness and pain, while others might run the path of gentleness.  But whatever happens to you in life, you have requested.  So do not fight with it, little ones; understand it.  Understand what you believe needs to be done, you must do.  And allow another the same freedom.  Do not judge another because of pain or danger they bring to you.  Remain focused on the path you have set before you, and everything will be revealed to you, in time.  Do you understand what I am sharing with you?” the old man asked as he looked at each of us.  (See pages 151-153 in Lumen)

Patrick’s brother, Cheeway, and the archaeologists who were with him were killed in a mysterious cave-in while digging at one of the ancient sacred sites.  Their goal had been to activate it as part of a 12-point energy grid.  Many, including Patrick, believed that it was the work of The Illuminati, The Brotherhood, or The Watchers of the Shadows.  In December of 1998, a week after an interview on the Art Bell show, Patrick mysteriously died of a heart attack.  After Patrick’s death, Art Bell removed himself from the airways.
When I first met Patrick in the summer of 1995, he immediately recognized me as one of “The Ancient Ones” upon perceiving my aura for the first time (an ability he had as a Shaman).  A few years ago at Debbie and Tim Dallas’s Alchemy of the Soul class, the participants had the opportunity to have our auras photographed.  I asked Spirit to show me the aura which Patrick saw so I could see for myself why he had identified me as The White Buffalo Calf Woman.  This was the result:

 Many can perceive a 3-dimensional white dove coming out of a doorway from heaven, and floating above my right shoulder.  There also appears to be an outline of the Buddha resting on top of me.  I’m not sure what it all means (or that I ever will, or if it even matters), but one thing I am sure of.  I must help get Patrick’s message out to the world.  I have most of his books in stock here at Heartsong, (the ones I just mentioned) so if you’re interested in knowing the truth…because the truth will indeed set you free…please come by and pick up a set at my cost.  You can also order them on line at  You’ll be eternally grateful that you did!
Washte (Lakota for Good Greetings) from The White Buffalo Woman (an archetype, an office, or perhaps a wanabee—it doesn’t really matter) or simply naked as a J. Bird

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